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Suklaphanta Wildlife Camp

Nepal's Hidden Wildlife Reserve

Situated in the south-west of Nepal, close to the Indian border, Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve covers 305 square kilometres and protects some of the richest and most extensive grasslands in Asia, as well as both Sal and riverine forest. Suklaphanta Camp offers tented accommodation immediately adjacent to the reserve as well as extremely knowledgeable on-site guides, whose expertise on Suklaphanta’s flora and fauna is second-to-none! A visit here offers a taste of remote, rural Nepal, where peace and tranquillity reign, along with a superb variety of bird and mammal species.

Indeed, birds are the primary highlight of a visit to Suklaphanta. Nearly 400 bird species have been recorded in the reserve, including 50% of Nepal’s globally threatened species, over half of which are true grassland specialists, including Bengal Florican and Jerdon’s Babbler. There are Tigers here too — the reserve’s mixed habitat supports an estimated 20 Tigers, though the population here is unhabituated to humans so any encounters are truly special! Suklaphanta also supports a density of other mammals, particularly deer species, that is hard to match elsewhere in the subcontinent, and certainly in Nepal.

The real joy of a visit here, is of having the whole reserve to yourself — on a typical day the camp guides will accompany you in jeeps, or on foot, to explore the reserve’s Sal forest, wetland and grassland habitats in search of a truly mouth-watering array of specialist grassland and other birds and, if you are very lucky, the sight of a Tiger perfectly camouflaged amongst the reserve’s tall stands of distinctive cream-and-black grasses … not another jeep or group in sight!