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Suklaphanta Wildlife Camp

Nepal's Hidden Wildlife Reserve

Tented camp accommodation

Tented camp accommodation

Guided birding in Suklaphanta Reserve

Our expert guide Badri (right) guiding guests

Himalayan Rubythroat


Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

Guided group watching grassland birds

Jerdon's Babbler

Black Francolin

Striated Babbler

Himalayan Rubythroat

Jerdon's Bushchat

Crested Serpent Eagle

Green Bee-eaters

Guided group looking for grassland birds

Observing wading birds at lake

Observing kingfishers at a forest stream

Stork-billed Kingfisher

Spotted Deer

Stork-billed Kingfisher

Birding from the jeep

Blue-tailed Bee -Eater

Local Nepali girl

Wild Boar

Guided forest walk


Small Minivet

Local lady in Suklaphanta village

Collecting leaves from the Suklaphanta sal forest, which are burned as a natural insect repellent.

Local ladies perform a traditional dance at Suklaphanta Camp

Lady working in the fields

Lady working in the fields next to Suklaphanta Camp

Village crop fields next to Suklaphanta Camp

Delicious home-made curry for evening meal at the camp

Traditional Nepali cuisine

Sunrise in the sal forest

One of our expert guides Badri (right) birdwatching with guests

Garden at Suklaphanta tented camp

Nilgai with calf

Early morning in Suklaphanta Reserve

Suklaphanta tented camp

Suklaphanta tented camp